About Us

The Geeks Philosophy

As Geeks, we are passionate about what we do. Quality, Integrity, and Excellent Customer Service are our “Company Keywords”.


In the big picture, The Geeks share a personal commitment to our families, giving back to our community, and E-Cycling.

Technology is Great… When it’s Working

We appreciate each and every single one of our customers, and are dedicated to making your life with technology go as smoothly as possible.

The Geeks stand behind our services, and we want you, as our customers, to be happy and satisfied with us and our services. If you have any big ideas, or even small suggestions to help make The Geeks Experience even better, please stop by our Contact a Geek page and drop us a note.

Meet The Geeks

Perry D. Lewis

The Dapper Cowboy

Perry Lewis heads up the IT & Repair Departments for the Geeks, as well as business development (“the sales guy”). He is armed with over 20 + years in the corporate environment, with most of that time being spent in the telecommunication and information technology industries.

Perry is a 4th generation Mancos boy. Growing up on a working cattle ranch at the base of the La Plata Mountains, he knew from an early age that there had to be a better way to make a living than being a cowboy.


Victoria Petersen

The Cloud Goddess

Victoria Petersen creates spectacular designs destined for the Cloud and directs all things Internet. Her ability to speak “tech talk” in layman’s terms makes her The Geeks’ official trainer.

Victoria spent her early years in Libertyville, IL (5th generation) dreaming of changing the world. After a “mind-numbing” career in the banking industry, she headed West to start her techie life, eventually landing in San Jose, CA. She believes that technology can provide wonderful tools for learning, providing information, and connecting with people.